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PARADE continues

22 Sep

PARADE continues

Answering to a call for project launched by the French Embassy in Cameroon through their programme PISSCA, the Cameroon Debate Association (CDA) presented the project on the empowerment and integration of the internally displaced persons in Dschang and its surroundings (PARADE), which actually found grounds before the selection committee and was funded. The first phase partitioned in eight key activities was successful, remarkable and prompted the need for a second phase, especially due to the overwhelming increase of the displaced in the West Region of Cameroon and its shortcomings.

Indeed, the second phase or PARADE II, has been designed by the CDA and credited funds by the Centre de Crise et de Soutien (CDCS) of the French Ministry of  Europe and Foreign Affairs for implementation. It is on beginning July that a call for application for the PARADE II team was launched and responses sent, afterwards, to pre-selected candidates for interviews at the CDA Headquarter in Dschang. So, on the 12th day of September 2020, took place the interviews before a jury constituted of Professor PANGOP Alain Cyr Kameni (President), TSOPTSA EPSE KENFACK Marie Madeleine and BINYOU BI-HOMB Marius Yannick, Nicolas NTAMAG BIYONG. As from 8 Am to 6PM, the jury was comfortable set in the premises of the CDA attending to candidates as per the timescale allocated. All in all, out of the 33 awaited candidates from the ten (10) regions of Cameroon, twenty-three (23) candidates effectively answered present for the nine (9) contesting positions, namely, project manager, project assistant, Executive assistant, administrator or accountant, community manager, web master, Community Mobilization & Development Officer, Technical advisor in management and fundraising, Web Designer and Assistant.

            However, it is worth indicating that PARADE II is more intense than the latter, and more interested in empowering the displaced through agriculture and business. Besides, it justifies the fortification workshop on accounting held at the CDA headquarter on the 9th to 11th September 2020. This was in order to build the skills of the members on project management related to finance.

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