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The Cameroon Debate Association kick-starts PARADE II

23 Sep

The Cameroon Debate Association kick-starts PARADE II

The Project for the Empowerment of the Internally Displaced in Dschang and its Surroundings funded by the “Centre de Crise et de Soutien (CDCS) of French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs” and piloted by the Cameroon debate association is at its second phase. On this 14th day of September 2020 the executive team of the association decided to commence with activities by a meeting with the displaced and the PARADE II team, following the calendar designed for the project activities. This gathering was entitled for the displaced persons in Dschang to have an understanding of the project PARADE II in its ramifications.

Over thirty (30) displaced household representatives honoured the invitation alongside their leaders as per the displaced communities in Dschang. During the gathering, the project manager, BINYOU BI-HOMB Marius Yannick, brought forth the brain of setting up the displaced movement “Green Moves” with relentless emphases on its purpose. Besides, the Green Moves is an organised movement of displaced persons in Dschang willing to ease the communication between the displaced and donors. It has board members elected by the displaced themselves, and thus, who act as their mouthpiece. To commence, PARADE II envisions engaging this movement in fully funded agricultural and other feasible entrepreneurial activities. Upon presenting the Green Moves, all the displaced subdued to be part of the project and promised to disseminate the information on their network as much as to reach all the displaced in Dschang. Unanimously, they agreed that the next meeting will hold on Friday, 18 September 2020, during which, the executive team will be elected and texts binding the rules and regulation of the movement mounted.  

            It was equally the occasion for the team PARADE II to set out a date for its official launching ceremony and inform the displaced. In sum, the displaced showed plenty of appreciation and interest in the activities of PARADE II.

 TSAGUE Willy,                                                                                               Community Manager CDA

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